Personal Fitness Plan

Personal Fitness Plan


Develop a personal fitness plan that YOU would implement and adhere to. Start out by looking at the goals you wrote for yourself and devise a plan of action to achieve those goals. Address just your short-term goals at first. Choose activities that are appropriate and then work out the specifics using the FITT principles. Use suggestions from the book, class and lecture notes to help with specifics.

Your initial plan should be 4 weeks long. Your plan should then include ways of overloading (progressing) when you reach your short-term goals and/or you appear to have reached a plateau in progress. An excel spreadsheet or a table are easy ways to format your actual workout by day and week. You could then use an outline format to detail how you would overload once goals are reached or to describe other aspects of your plan (diet, sleep, etc.) if included.

For example:

Short-term goal: run 3 miles without stopping

WEEK Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1 2 miles: run 10 min., walk remainder 2 miles:

Run 10 min., walk remainder

Rest 3 miles:

Run 10 min., walk 15 min., run 10 min.

3 miles: same as Thurs. Rest 3 miles:

Run 12 min., walk 10 min., run remainder

Once goal is reached overload by:

increasing intensity (run 3 miles at faster pace) 2 days/week

increasing distance (run 3.5 miles at easy pace) 3 days/week

stretch after each run to promote recovery and flexibility


Credit Criteria
100% Correct format, as stated in instructions, used.

Goals clearly identified.

Activities appropriate for specified goals.

FITT principles utilized.

Methods for overload, once goals are achieved, included.

75% Correct format used.

FITT principles utilized.

Goals identifiable, if not stated.

Activities acceptable for goals.

Overload once goals are achieved included.

50% Correct format used.

FITT principles somewhat utilized.

Goals not identifiable.

Activities not best choices for goal achievement.

Plan for overload not included.

25% Format lacks correct form.

FITT principles somewhat utilized.

No goals.

Activities not appropriate.

Plan for overload not included.

0% Nothing submitted.
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