Performance management in the local government of North Macedonia

I need proposal for PhD thesis structure, the topic is “Performance management in the local government of North Macedonia”
Please find the attached documents where you have my P1 which explains my intentions for the research and please have a look at the PDF document which has example of a final research on a similar topic.
You need to write the structure with Chapters. headings and subheadings, you can find example in the attached Thesis Template. (Don’t copy paste anything, you need to write own for the topic”Performance management in the local government of North Macedonia”)
I need 5000 words for a start with, with opportunity to expand it to a PhD final research.

Document Preview:

Form P1 PhD Research Proposal The completed form is submitted to the Doctoral Officer. When filling out the form, the student must consult with the mentor. The form is filled with short answers, except in points 3 and 4: Description of the PhD thesis and Methodology, where the text should be about 1000 words (+/- 10%) long in each point. Name and surname: Gorjan Boshkovski Student’s Number (ID): 43 Study Program: Business Administration Mentor: Associate Professor Snežana Hristova Address for communication: Street “Roza Luksembrurg”, Building 10, Ap. 3, Skopje, North Macedonia E-mail address: HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected][email protected] Phone: +35971717518 Credit value of the Doctoral thesis: ECTS 1. Title of the doctoral thesis. Please indicate the title of the doctoral dissertation (the title contains a maximum of 30 words and must not contain abbreviations):Performance management in the local government of North Macedonia 2. Aims and objectives of the research. Please indicate the purpose and objectives of the research:The concept of performance management has gained increased significance worldwide over recent years. For several years, organizations have been aligning their operational performance with key business strategies, and this is the essence of performance measurement and management in the competitive environment. As the concept is popular in private corporations, it is equally significant in public sector organizations because of the systematic link that it establishes between local government organizational strategies, resources, and processes. This dissertation discusses key concepts of performance management and analyzes the use of performance management system in the public sector of North Macedonia focusing on the Municipalities. The dissertation aims to identify the state of performance measurement and appraisal system in local government organizations in the Republic of North Macedonia.

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