If IPSec provides security at the network layer, why is it that security mechanisms are still needed at layers above IP?

Solution Preview: The first limitation is that it only provides coarse form policy management support, and takes the decision without the knowledge of application context (Arkko and Nikender 2005, p. 242). The policy selector of IPsec is composed of only tuple of source /destination addresses, port number and transport protocol type……

Conflict Recognition-The Case of the Misdirected Faculty


This TMA has one question with three sub sections. You should answer them all. The questions in this assignment are all about different aspects of the process of exploring a complex situation.


Question 1 (100% marks)


You are strongly advised to use the AOU e-library to locate additional relevant resources which can support your analysis and argument. This will earn you extra points.


Read through the attached article “Case II: Conflict Recognition-The Case of the Misdirected Faculty”, as you read through the article, create one Spray diagram to summarize the different ideas of the article respecting the conventions, and techniques. It is advised that students submit hand drawn diagrams as opposed to computer generated ones. Photocopies of diagrams should not be accepted. Reflect on….



                                    FIREARMS FINGERPRINTING AT MANUFACTURE TIME.


            In the 21st century there are so many developments in terms of the technology in the security and guns sector. When the technology advances you can not fail to talk about the regestration of vital weapons eg firearms, that are used to everyday to keep people safe and protect them. one of the ways to make sure that those equipments are in safe hand is the registration of the firearms at the time of the manufacture.


            The firearm fingerprint is used to provide all the needed data in order to construct  a very broad and completely coverage of the large proportion of individual people in use of the firearms in the society. There are firearms that….

“fingerprinting” at time of manufacture

hi, i want five page about this topic (“fingerprinting” at time of manufacture.) u wrote for me the abstract for this paper and i will attach that for u so u will know what to write.

This portion; approximately five pages and three sources, will summarize the ethical theory on which you base your decisions by persuasively and forcefully stating how you apply the theory when you make ethical decisions. This theory will be used throughout the course, including your exams. You should illustrate the discussion with examples from your life.

for the part that he want example from my life i am international student from Dubai so u can choose anything happen in Dubai UAE in summer from May until july because i usually spend my time….

Russia’s Borderline Personality

Reducing Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicide in people in Russian populations

Russia’s Borderline Personality

FREDO ARIAS-KING ARLENE KING DE ARIAS FREDO ARIAS DE LA CANAL Abstract: Russia behaves in a fundamentally different way. The authors compare Russia’s international behavior with the clinical diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder. They describe various traits of this disorder with an emphasis on handling those suffering from it. Keywords: Borderline Personality Disorder, codependence, countermoves, inferiority complex, interpersonal sensitivity, insularism, limit-setting, maladaptive traits, Manichaeism, mirroring, narcissism, neurosis, projection, projective identification, rationalization, situational competence, split cultural identity, sponging, syncretism, undefined boundaries, unstable identity, victimization ny outsider who comes in contact with Russia soon realizes that it behaves in a fundamentally different way. Sometimes Russia reminds us of people we know, leading us to speculate that….



For the assignment, please address the following questions in a 2 page paper.

Assess the overall financial health of CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL

What are good and bad signs, if any, in your assessment?

Measures of financial health may include sales and/or profit increases or decreases, if employees are being hired or laid off, major new orders being placed or orders being cancelled.

These are some but not all measures that could be looked at, but if you are using an unconventional organization, you may have to get a little creative here.

To what extent is your organization’s financial health affected by fiscal and monetary policy? Please give at least one specific example.


Money and the Banking System

Money and the….

historical impact of industrialism

thesis: Through the examination of gilded age literature, it is possible to see the broader historical impact of industrialism, big business and socioeconomic differences that existed between the privileged and the poor.

Focus of paper is to highlight how the gilded age was not the same for rich and poor. how rich lives and poor lives differed between the end of reconstrucion and the year 1900 in america. My argument is that reviewing some writers from the era can provide a window into the common complaints felt by common people who did not live the life of privilage during this time.

***cite at least once every paragraph, to acknowledge an author’s ideas. This is done even if there are no quotes, see Chicago guides for more information. If….

I Am Sam

I Am Sam” is a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Penn about a single-father who has the mental capacity of a 7 year old. He has a daughter by a homeless woman; who abandons them after giving birth. Sam is left to raise their daughter by himself.

For this reaction paper, you being asked to view “I Am Sam” as a case study. Think about what interventions would be appropriate for this family. You will be viewing this case study from two different perspectives: as a home-based family preservation worker and as an administrator of an agency that offers home-based family preservation services.

In your reaction paper, please respond to the following questions:


Who are the characters involved in this case study? What is their role?….

In April 2012 Disneyland Paris celebrated its 20th anniversary. What advice would you give them for the next 20 years?


This assessment is based on operational management. You are required to write an individual report on Disneyland Paris which addresses the following four questions: 1. What markets was Disneyland Paris aiming for, and how was this delivered through their operations? 2. What were Disney’s main mistakes from the conception of the Paris resort in 1992 through to 2006? 3. In your opinion which aspects of operations management does Disneyland Paris need to improve for its future success, and why? 4. In April 2012 Disneyland Paris celebrated its 20th anniversary. What advice would you give them for the next 20 years?

This report should be 2000 words in length. You should ensure that you read widely on Operations Management theory. You may introduce operations management concepts not covered….