Organizing and analyzing

You are responsible for an analysis of the profitability of the movie industry, based on the dataset provided, for which you will:

1. Organize the data in various ways as necessary to understand the trends.

2. Analyze the data. Your analysis should outline the trends that are occurring and identify any relationships found in the data.

3. Identify which genre you consider to be most successful, and provide rationale based on the data.

4. Determine what the better predictor of success is – Audience Score or Rotten Tomatoes Rating, and explain your rationale.

5. Provide a forecast for 2022 which will include what you think the worldwide gross sales will be, including sales by genre and by studio, based on your analysis.

This assignment will be completed in groups of two. Would you like to stay in your existing groups or choose different partners?

Organizing and analyzing

The first step is to organize the data, so that you are able to analyze it and identify trends. You will organize the data using an Excel workbook; data is available on eConestoga.

To help in your analysis, consider the following tips:

a) You will want to use separate worksheets to organize the data into various segments – by genre, by studio, by year.

b) Calculate the market share of each studio, and the segment share of each genre. This should be done for each year.

c) Calculate the relevant trends; this will include growth/decline of sales, of profit, of market share and of segment share. Trends must be calculated year by year (eg how much did sales increase from 2018 to 2019, from 2019 to 2020 etc.). Note:

i) Trends based on $ (eg sales) are best indicated by % change, not by $ value (eg $32,600 sales to $33,000 is a 1.2% increase).

ii) Trends based on % (eg market share, segment share) are best indicated by point change (eg difference from one year to the next; 32.6 % share to 33.0% share is a .4 increase).

iii) Analyze trends overall (profit, sales), and also by genre and studio.

d) Be sure to use pivot tables to help you identify trends. For example, using pivot tables to evaluate the relationship between Audience Score and Sales, and Rotten Tomatoes Rating and Sales can be helpful in determining which is the better predictor of success.

Preparing the Report

The report should be no more than 4 pages in length, excluding your appendices (that means 4 pages of insightful comments). Please ensure that your names, the title of the project and the date are clearly visible on the Executive Summary.

This assignment will consist of 2 submissions:

1. Your report, as either a Word document or a PowerPoint deck. No pdfs will be accepted.

2. A copy of the Excel file that includes all of your organization and manipulation of the data.


NOTE: Assignments must be submitted in both ways, by the beginning of class on the due date. No assignments will be accepted after the due date/time.




1) Executive Summary1 (1 page)

2) Summary of Key Trends (max 2 pages)

This will be a visual representation of the trends, with some explanatory/descriptive comments.

3) Conclusions (1 page)

This will identify what genre you think is most successful, and provide rationale for that. It will also identify what you think the best predictor of success is, and your rationale for that.

4) Forecast2(1 page)

5) Appendices3

1The Executive Summary should provide a one page visual overview of the key points you have made throughout the report, and should summarize your conclusions and forecast. This should also include typical cover page information, like student names, student numbers, title of report, instructor name, due date. This should be professional in appearance, and attractively designed.

2The forecast should be comprehensive and estimate what you think gross sales will be for 2022, including sales by genre and by studio.


3The appendices will include anything you think would be useful to support the Summary of Key Trends and Conclusions. There must be at least 2 pivot tables included in the appendices, and at least 3 trend calculations. For example, you might include a graph of the change in Gross Sales, year over year, in the Summary of Key Trends. Then, an Appendix would include the relevant data table showing the Gross Sales, by year, and the % change.

Additional Comments

  1. You are expected to use a clear and accurate writing style. Errors (including both spelling and grammatical) will be noted and the grade for the report will be reduced for excessive errors.
  2. Do not include an assessment of any information about these movies other than what is provided in the data setDo not do any secondary research.The data is made up and does not represent the real movie industry, so secondary research and personal opinions will not be relevant.
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