Organization Overview

For this assignment you will research an organization of your choice (either for profit or
nonprofit) and write a paper detailing the benefits that employer must offer to its employees and
recommendations for additional benefits they should offer to facilitate attracting and retaining
enough qualified employees. Include information on the approximate cost of each of the benefits
to the employer as well as any cost-sharing for the employee.
The paper should begin with a brief description of the organization including size, location, and
number of employees. All sources must be cited on a reference page. The credits section should
contain a one-page list of the sections/topics in the report and who worked on what sections. Be
sure there is an even distribution of work on the project.
For this individual draft, each student will individually address each of the required topics for use
as a starting point for the group assignment. Be sure to follow this required format and use the
headings provided below to ensure you cover all the required topics.
Organization Overview:
Mandatory Benefits:
Social Security
Workers’ Compensation
Unemployment Insurance
ACA (minimum health coverage)
Discretionary Benefits:
Health Care (beyond ACA minimum)
Life insurance
Paid Time Off
Accommodation and Enhancement Benefits

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