nursing research article

Select a nursing research article that includes a nursing theory and the exploration of a clinical problem. Critique the nursing research article that covers evidence-based research and practice (excluding title and references). The paper will be evaluated on the effectiveness of the discussion of the following components. If a component is not present in the article, its absence should be discussed.
• Identify the research problem.
• Identify the research purpose.
• Summarize the review of the literature.
• Identify the nursing framework.
• Identify the research questions and hypotheses.
• Identify the variables.
• Identify and discuss the appropriateness of the design.
• Discuss the validity of the research.
• Discuss the efficacy of the study. Did it resolve the question?
• Discuss the legal and ethical issues of the study. Include the use of human subjects and their protection.
• Describe any cultural aspects of the study.
•Describe the sample.
• Describe the procedures.
• Summarize the results.
• Describe how the results of the research may impact future nursing practice.
• Apply the research to the student’s nursing practice.

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