Motivation and the Performance Appraisal

QUESTION 1Motivation and the Performance AppraisalSamuel Jones has worked diligently for his supervisor, Eric Donnell, during the past three yearsin the accounting department of a local bank. During that period, he has never been reprimandedfor any of the work he has done. In fact, only recently, he received his first, supposedly annual,
performance review. Although he received a raise in each of the two prior years, this was the firstime he was formally evaluated. The first year, he received a memo from Donnell stating theamount of his raise. The next year, Donnell did not even inform him of a raise. Rather, Jones hadfigure it out for himself from his paycheck stub.After sitting through his first formal evaluation, Jones is stunned. Donnell informed himthat his work effort is just average and that he does not always show enough motivation in the
asks he undertakes. This is the most Donnell has said to Jones concerning his work since Jonesbegan working there over three years ago.Donnell works on important matters alone in his office and shuts himself off from hisemployees’ activities. Some of Jones’s fellow workers see this as a sign the boss has faith inthem to get the job done and to accept responsibilities on their own. But Jones believes Donnellis just avoiding responsibility and is not interested in involving himself with his employees.
Jones believes his boss thinks, “I’ve got my own problems, so don’t come to me with yours.”Jones has healthy working relationships with several other supervisors in the bank, andthey all have told him more than once that his performance is above average. Because of this,Jones feels hurt that Donnell called him average. As far as motivation goes, Jones does not seewhat there is to be motivated about. He never receives rewards, verbal or otherwise, at thosetimes when he does good work. Consequently, he is confused about what levels of effort and
performance will lead to the recognition he feels he deserves.Questions. What should Donnell do differently if he wants Jones to increase his work effort? List someelements of job performance that Donnell must make sure are present to get better performancefrom his employee.. What can Donnell do to get the most out of his performance evaluations? What, if anything,

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