Mobile application (APP) Passport automation system.

1. Mobile application (APP) Passport automation system. AIM To develop the Passport Automation System prototype using justinmind. PROBLEM ANALYSIS AND PROJECT PLAN To simplify the process of applying passport, software has been created by designing through prototype tool “Justinmind Prototype” as a front end and Microsoft access as a back end. Initially the applicant login the passport automation system and submits his details. These details are stored in the database and verification process done by the passport administrator, regional administrator and police the passport is issued to the applicant. Once the passport request completed your system should generate passport print out and mailed to the customer. Meanwhile a notification that the passport is completed and mailed email went out via the system. Also, a tracking number had been generated via Canada post and ID number generated from the Automated passport system. Once, the customer receive the passport, then it should login to the system and confirm his/her received the copy of the passport which include passport number and the ID provided to customer earlier. OBJECTIVE: To develop a mini-project following the listed below.
1. Follow the project plan template provided
2. Develop MS Project plan (Gantt chart), critical path and project network should be highlighted.
3. Develop DFD diagram with UML for the required project
4. Develop E-R diagram with UML for the required project
5. Create project prototype for the required project – using free application online called justinmind link provided below.
6. Attach all the diagrams and Gantt chart in your document in appropriate place.

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