Managers are continually constrained by the environments in which they manage

Write an individual essay which will be supported by in-class activities. This will facilitate group work collaboration and enhance information literacy, research ability, focused inquiry, critical thinking and written communication presentation. Assessment Description The individual essay will be developed in response to a range of issues identified in an episode of “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”, on the Sandgate Hotel (Season 3, Episode 2). Although the episode is 48 minutes in total for this assessment, the emphasis is on the first 10.05 minutes only. The episode is available at In Week 3/4 during class, groups (of 4 students) will be formed to explore the various themes identified in the episode focussing on management and organisational concerns, with explicit links to the topics covered in Weeks 1-4. Students are strongly encouraged to attend. The SARFIT (Structural Adjustment to Regain Fit) Model by Lex Donaldson relating to organisational/workforce performance, the surrounding environment and organisation cultural change will be used. Using the SARFIT model and other theories/concepts covered during Weeks 1-4, students will write an essay that will explore the following question: “Managers are continually constrained by the environments in which they manage”.

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