make a choice for Jane Cortez in the scenario created below

What follows is a scenario from which you are required to make a choice for Jane Cortez. While you are required to use the information given to you within the course, please do not focus entirely on one aspect. As a consultant you are required to establish the different options for Jane Cortez and ‘Naranjas’. Jane Cortez looked out over ‘Naranjas’, her orange groves farms and wondered which direction she should take. She had been offered two different proposal for her fruit, and despite wanting to support both opportunities, only one could be considered and she had to make the decision very soon. Jane grew both navel and valencias oranges on her property in the Riverina district. This meant that her crops were all ways in season from June to February. Plus, she had started experimenting with a few different varieties, but navel and valencias where the main stay. Jane had been very successful over the years, but the drought in the last 10 years had severely impacted the property. She had a substantial mortgage over the property and the amount of money that she was receiving for her crops was not enough to cover the interest payments of her mortgage. Jane was considering two options: 1. Sell all her produce to an overseas broker. This was an attractive option while the currency stayed low, but any appreciation of the Australian dollar upwards might mean that not all her product might be taken. In fact, sometimes it would not sell at all, if the buyers thought the price was too high. This risk made Jane a little nervous, but it did offer her the ability to experiment with different varieties, which may end up more profitable in the future. 2. The other option was to sell her crops to the local juice factory. This was a set price for her product and it just covered the mortgage, but it did mean that Jane could not experiment with the oranges, because that cost money

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