literature review: workplace based health promotion in the Australian context

  1. The aim of this assessment item is to review and synthesize the existing evidence based literature about workplace based health promotion in the Australian context. This literature review will help you understand workplaces as settings for health promotion.
  2. You should access the literature which presents evidence about workplaces as a setting for health promotion. You can use quantitative, mixed methods and qualitative research, systematic reviews or meta-synthesis articles. You should not include discussion articles, editorials or other journal articles which do not present research findings. The key to this assessment is sourcing 10 research articles (from the last 10 years), that is, articles which include an intervention of some type and report the findings of the intervention. Or, of course, systematic reviews or meta-synthesis articles. Other articles can be used over and above the 10 research articles.
  3. You should not focus your literature review on a specific behaviour, for example, tobacco smoking or physical activity. Your literature review should analyse research articles which report intervention findings about the social cultural context of behaviour change. You should consider workplace health promotion broadly.
  4. You should do more than just present a list of synopsis of the findings of your chosen research articles. You should demonstrate your understanding of the findings by considering each article in the context of the others. You should analyse each article. Then you should compare and contrast the methodologies and the findings of each article. You should present a balanced argument for workplaces as a setting for health promotion and arrive at a conclusion. You should arrive at the conclusion from synthesising your 10 articles. Generic, broad conclusions like “There should be more research into …” do not demonstrate you have an overall understanding and ability to critique and synthesise your articles as a whole.

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