Learning about employee rights

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Learning about employee rights

In the constantly changing field of HR, it is imperative that both HR managers and supervisors be aware of changes that affect the organization and the process of managing employees. Nowhere is this more true than in the growing field of employee rights. As employees demand more job and employment rights regarding monitoring, unjust dismissals, and off-duty conduct, employers must be knowledgeable about new laws, court rulings, and the policies of other organizations that influence each area. This knowledge will enable managers to respond to these employee concerns in a positive and proactive manner. Failure to provide employees with their rights could lead to costly and embarrassing lawsuits, resulting in diminished employee loyalty or morale. The purpose of this exercise, therefore, is for you to familiarize yourself with issues of employee rights.
working individually or in teams, for each of the following employee rights topics, identify and discuss the concerns and interests at stake for both employees and employers. Answer the questions pertaining to each topic.
• wrongful dismissal lawsuits
• employee searches and monitoring
• employee conduct away from the workplace
• email and Internet use at work and at home

answer the 5 questions listed for each of the above topics
1. What are the employer’s interests?
2. What are the employee’s interests?
3. What do you think is a fair balance between these interests?
4. What, if any, laws or court cases affect this right?
5. Generally, how are employers responding to this employee right?

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