Kuebler was a member in good standing of the lithographers union when it struck the Art Gravure Company.

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Kuebler was a member in good standing of the lithographers union when it struck the Art Gravure Company. Several months after the strike began, Kuebler met in a non-secret meeting with 12 or 13 other strikers. Their purpose was to discuss “the widening gap” between the labor and management bargaining committees and to “try to straighten this thing out to where we could get back to work.” Later, a threeperson committee from the group communicated its views to the Union Negotiating Committee. Kuebler returned to the picket line. When the strike finally ended, the trial board of the local union charged and found Kuebler guilty of attending “a meeting . . . held for the purpose of undermining the Union Negotiating Committee.” Kuebler was suspended from the union for three months and was fined $2,000. He filed a notice of appeal to the membership and requested several items: copies of charges against him, with supporting facts; names of the persons on the executive board who had accused and tried him; a copy of the decision in writing showing how each member had voted; and a copy of the transcript of the evidence and proceedings at his trial by the union trial board. This information was refused, and so Kuebler sued for relief in the U.S. district court. Had the union violated Kuebler’s rights? Had Kuebler been denied a fair hearing? (Kuebler v. Cleveland Lithographers and Photoengravers Union Local, 473 F.2d 359)

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