Job Analysis Questions Assignment.

Job Analysis Questions Assignment.

This Assignment is to prepare a comprehensive list of questions, that would be used to interview pertinent municipal employees, to collect information for the preparation of a Job Analysis. (You do not have to prepare the Job Analysis). Background Information The first step towards reaching the goal of hiring the first full time HR Advisor position for Ruby Municipality would be to carry out a Job Analysis.

A Job Analysis is the process of obtaining information about a job(s) by determining the duties, tasks, or activities of the job(s). Job data may be obtained in several ways.

The more common methods of analyzing jobs are through interviews, questionnaires, observations, and diaries. If a Job Analysis is to accomplish its intended purpose, the job data collected must be accurate.

The information obtained, via the Job Analysis, will be used to establish the Job Description for the HR Advisory position Of course, you would interview a number of the employees in the Municipality to complete the lob Analysis: CEO, Department Heads, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Payroll and Finance employees.

An example of a type of question asked would be: What personal attributes are needed, by an HR Advisor, to be successful? Requirement: To prepare a comprehensive list of questions that would be used for carrying out Job Analysis Interviews.

Marking Guide: Students that prepare the most comprehensive list of pertinent questions receive the best grade(s). It is worth 10% of your Final Grade raided

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