It appears the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates again. As a consumer, I would pay close attention to any changes to trade policy

I reviewed the March 2018 Global Survey results. The online survey was conducted from March 5 to March 9, and there were 1,230 participants from various countries, industries, and sizes of the company. Overall, the nations who participated in the completion of the survey were carefully optimistic about the current state of their country’s economy. For the future, developed countries were less optimistic than their emerging counterparts. North America, in particular, is expecting to face declining growth and trade levels. The resounding culprit for the decline in trade and optimism in North America is trade policy. Trade policy is followed closely by domestic political conflicts and increasing interest rates. Smit (2018) wrote, “In North America, rising interest rates – along with trade-policy changes – are seen as outsize risks to domestic growth” (March 2018).

As a student, a United States citizen, and homeowner, I would be very cautious about interest rates going up. As a homeowner, if I had any notions to refinance, I would probably do so now, rather than wait until next year. It appears the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates again. As a consumer, I would pay close attention to any changes to trade policy as well as changes or withdrawals of current intact trade agreements. Changes to or withdrawals from established trade agreements will have an impact on the consumer. These types of policies may end up in a trade war with other countries. It will most likely affect prices of products and services to increase. Increase in goods and services will mean less money in the consumer’s pockets.

Smit, S. (2018, March). Economic conditions snapshot, March 2018: McKinsey Global survey results. McKinsey Global Institute. Retrieved from

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