is Nora merely a victim of her time and place, her circumstances as a woman in a middle-class marriage in the 19th century, or is she a capable, clever, and conniving woman who leaves her husband and children because she is, in the end, just selfish?

The question is far more complex than it may first appear to be. Ponder your answer carefully.

To compose your argument, first reflect on your response to Nora’s evolution (attached down below – titled Nora’s transformation) as well as on your reactions to and insights from the commentaries; both these sources should help you determine your position and suggest claims you could make to support that position. ***Quote BOTH the drama (play) and the commentaries in your argument***
This is a really important paper so please make sure you pay attention to the detail and make sure that everything flows and makes sense

Focus on how Nora is a victim of her time and place (main ideas/thesis) and in a couple paragraphs talk about how/why many people might think that she is just a conniving woman and counteract that with more reasons why she did what she did could be viewed as good for her and her kids (she had to take care of herself before she could take care of others, that sort of thing).

I wrote 2 free writes: 1 responding to the commentaries and another on Nora’s transformation. Use Nora’s transformation to help you/give you an idea but use it only if you need it. But definitely look over the paper I wrote on the commentaries and definitely, definitely look over the actual commentaries which I have also attached down below. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS.
AND don’t forget to use quotes from the play and the actual commentaries (NOT my free write on the commentaries).

The 3 sources to be used are the play, and the 2 commentaries.

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