Internet Case – Binder’s Beverage

Internet Case – BLP4 Assignment: Case Studies

This assignment will assess the following competency:
2. Develop methodical problem solving strategies in project management.


Go to the Quantitative Analysis for Management, 13th ed., Additional Book Resources.

Complete the following (2) case studies:

  • Internet Case – Binder’s Beverage
  • Problem 9-39 a and b (page 355) “Grey Construction” problem.

Carefully read the grading criteria on the LP4 Assignment Rubric to ensure you understand how this assignment will be graded.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropboxLP4 Assignment: Case Studies. This assignment is worth 80 points; grading will be based on theLP4 Assignment Rubric.inder’s Beverage Problem 9-39 a and b (page 355) “Grey Construction” problem.

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