International Trade Theory & the Political Economy of International Trade

Week topic: Week 03: International Trade Theory & the Political Economy of International Trade


The Article Review is to examine the content of a news or peer-reviewed journal article and relate the topic of the article to an area of international business that we are currently examining in the course. The purpose of these reviews is to make connections to the course content in a given week by personalizing the material into your work and/or personal or professional life. Asking you to find your own articles of interest instead of imposing certain articles on you serves to teach you how and where to find relevant and timely information on international business topics. You can expect to spend more time looking for an appropriate article than actually writing the article review. Sourcing quality information in today’s rapidly changing and globalizing world is a key skill that you should learn through the Article Review assignments.

Each article:

  • Should be relevant to that week’s topic.
  • Is to be found on your ownand can be derived from newspapers, popular journals, online resources, or opinion letters. Given the opportunity, you may choose to attend internationally relevant presentations in place of researching an article in a given week.

Remember that over the course of the seminar, two articles must be research-based– that is, from peer-reviewed journals in the fields of global business and international political economy. You may apply these to either your Internationalization Plan or to one of your country research reports. Eight article reviews must come from “high-brow, current events literature” – e.g., from a major world newspaper, a magazine like “The Atlantic” or the “Economist,” “The New Yorker,” and so forth.

Your article reviews should be:

  • In a business memo format.
  • No more than 2 single-spaced pages.

For your review:

  • Focus on applying the content of the courseto the situation or problem presented in the article, presentation, or news clip you examine.
  • DO NOT focus merely on summarizing the article; summarization should only take a paragraph or two at most. Instead, concentrate on applying concepts and ideasfrom the class to the “real life” situation presented in the news or journal article you’re examining.


Hill, C. & Hult, T. Global Business Today (11th edition). (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2019). Print ISBN: 9781260780611

Kindleberger, C & Aliber, R. (2015). Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises. St. Martin’s Press (as Palgrave Macmillan): New York. Print ISBN: 9781137525758


  • Chapters 6 & 7 in the Hill textbook.
  • Chapter 4 in Manias, Panics, and Crashes.
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