Integrating service practice into project management: A matter of ‘do or die’

  • Read the article “Integrating service practice into project management: A matter of ‘do or die’?” written by Burström, Jacobsson and Wilson (2014).
  • Write a paper of approximately three (3) pages (double-spaced, single sided) that identifies the importance and application of one of the four propositions discussed by the authors to business service organizations (below): Ensure that readings from this week, daily lectures, related video(s) and your own experience are incorporated in paper.
    • Multi-project firms that run themselves as core service providers will be more effective in providing value for its customers.
    • Projects are engagement platforms for service delivery.
    • Functional representatives in projects should view their prime role as service providers.
    • Project members’ interactions are qualified service encounters.
  • Include a minimum of two sources,

  • Burstrom, T.A., Jacobsson, M., & Wilson, T.L. (2014). Integrating service practice into project management: A matter of “do or die?” International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 7(1), 5-22.
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