In a divorce action in your state, how is venue determined?

In each of the following situations, determine in what state the person was domiciled at the time of death.

a. While living in Illinois, Fred hears about a high-paying job in Alaska. He decides to move to Alaska, since he no longer wants to live in Illinois. He sells everything he owns in Illinois and rents an apartment in Alaska. There he discovers jobs are not easy to find. He decides to leave if he cannot find a job in three months. If this happens, he arranges to move in with his sister in New Mexico. Before the three months are over, Fred dies jobless in Alaska.

b. Gloria lives in New York because she attends New York University. Her husband lives in Montana. Gloria plans to rejoin her husband in Montana when she finishes school in six months. Two months before graduation, her husband decides to move to Oregon. Gloria is opposed to the move and tells him that she will not rejoin him if he does not return to Montana. Her husband refuses to move back to Montana. One month before graduation, Gloria dies in New York.

a. In a divorce action in your state, how is venue determined?

b. If your state code uses the word residence in its divorce statute without defining it, find a court opinion in your state that does define it.

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