Implications of Covid 19 to the airline industry and global economy

1.Research project title


  1. Research project summary

Provide a brief overview of the project, similar to an abstract, or executive summary.


  1. Research problem

Link it with September 11 , 2008 global financial crises  and how airline industry can survive of this situation (Covid19).

Using references to existing research, identify current research problem or challenge that is the intended focus of your proposed research.



  1. Project (research topic) details

4.1 literature review

Crisis management, Swot and pestle

Provide a brief of literature for the area of research interest. This sets the scene and context for the research topic. It should define the problem, its causes, is extent and its significance. Ensure the literature review is grounded in the academics literature and include citations.


4.2 Research aims, questions, and / or hypothesis

Outlined the research in questions and /or hypothesis to be addressed. Ensure the research aims, questions and /or hypotheses reflect the research problem developed in the brief literature review.


4.3 Theoretical framework

Outline the potential theory and theories you have considered to investigate the research problem.


4.4 Research methods

*Content analysis = surveys analysis article, analysis article

Describe the potential methods of research you have considered. For example, archival/library study, analysis of existing data sets, laboratory/ field research, use of quantitative or qualitative methods etc. Provide details of any resources identified as required to conduct this research. Such as, the materials/equipment you intend to use (surveys, interviews, purchase of specialised datasets, space /lab hire etc).



4.5 Significance/contribution of research

Outline the justification for the research project based on the literature reviewed. I.e. outline what is it that we currently do not know but will know after your study is completed, and why is important to know this. Describe what the research will add to the body of existing knowledge and the impact on the discipline.


This section should be used to demonstrate how your research aligns with the existing key research areas research strategy goals of the faculty/discipline to which you are applying.


  1. Research project plan/ timeline

No need to do this one.


  1. References /bibliography

A list of references cited in the research proposal

A bibliography of planed reading

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