If Riverton purchases the equipment, what is the amount of the lease-equivalent loan?

Riverton Mining plans to purchase or lease $220,000 worth of excavation equipment. If purchased, the equipment will be depreciated for tax purposes on a straightline basis over five years, after which it will be worthless. If leased, the annual lease payments will be $55,000 per year for five years. Assume Riverton’s borrowing cost is 8%, its tax rate is 35%, and the lease qualifies as a true tax lease.

a. If Riverton purchases the equipment, what is the amount of the lease-equivalent loan?

b. Is Riverton better off leasing the equipment or financing the purchase using the lease-equivalent loan?

c. What is the effective after-tax lease borrowing rate? How does this compare to Riverton’s actual after-tax borrowing rate?

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