if it is set to Enable you can use a wireless computer.

if it is set to Enable you can use a wireless computer. Open your Web browser and enter, which is the default IP address of the wireless router. If that address is not valid it means that it has been changed. To find the new address click Start (and then Run for Windows XP) and enter CMD. When the box opens enter ipconfig/all and scroll down to the details listed under the wireless NIC adapter. Record the address of the Default Gateway and enter Exit. Then enter the IP address into the Web browser. 3. A login screen will appear. Enter the password and click OK. 4. Click Administration if necessary. 5. Click the Wireless tab to display the Wireless settings. 6. Click Wireless MAC filter. 7. Under Permit only: click Permit only PCs listed to access the wireless network. 8. Click the Edit MAC Address Filter List button. 9. Enter the MAC address of the first wireless device without any marks of punctuation under MAC 01:. 10. Repeat this process for each wireless device. 11. Click Save Settings. 12. Under Wireless MAC filter click Enable. 13. Click Save Settings. 14. Close all windows. 15. Reboot the wireless laptop computer(s). 16. Only these devices can have access the wireless network.

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