identify the type of evidence presented for validity

For each of the following descriptions, identify the type of evidence presented for validity:

a. Mr. Jones contends that his measure of athletic prowess is consistent with student self-reports.

b. In this study, the investigator took deliberate steps to make sure that the test contained the right concepts. She asked several colleagues to review the items to see if, in their opinion, the right concepts were included.

c. In a study of college student values, a researcher decided to correlate the measure of values with observations of values by residence hall assistants. The selfreport results matched the observations.

d. Dr. Lewis, a professor of education, is working on an instrument that can be used to predict which of his students will be effective teachers. He has several scores from classwork and observations in the classroom, and he considers how these correlate with principal evaluations that are done the year after students graduate.

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