Identify and discuss the roles of referral agencies that may be involved in the process, and in what circumstances they may be involved.

Construction is a key industry that makes a valuable contribution to the Australia economy,
particularly is the areas of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employment and other key economic
performance items. With a focus on the housing industry segment, conduct research in your
state/territory to provide:
1. A general overview of the industries performance at present
2. Trends identified over the last 5-10 year period
3. Characteristics of your state/territories housing industry which are distinct from other
4. Specific recommendations to further develop the strength of your state/territories housing
Question 2 (750 words – 10%)
The majority of building projects in Australia will require approval by private certification to be
compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC) and other relevant regulations prior to the works
being undertaken (often referred to as a ‘Building Approval’ or ‘Building Permit’).
For this assessment question you are to select a Class 1a detached dwelling in your local area as a case
study to demonstrate the regulatory approvals process. The building selected may be your own home,
but for the purpose of the assessment must be assumed to be newly-build. In answering this question,
please provide the following information:
1. A list of relevant regulations, acts and codes that would be reviewed by a Private Certifier
when assessing for a Building Approval for the case study.
2. Detail the steps in obtaining a Building Approval from conception of the project through to
certification of the completed works.
3. A flow chart that maps out the above steps in a visual format. This flow chart should include
key milestone events in the process of seeking a Building Approval, construction and
4. Identify and discuss the roles of referral agencies that may be involved in the process, and in
what circumstances they may be involved.

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