Identify and discuss the contribution required by the following departments for an efficient and effective implementation of the addition of a new target market proposed in Part 3.


Assessment # 1



Assessment Code:


Assessment Type:


Subject Code:


Subject Name:         Group/Individual Assignment




Introduction to Marketing


Briefing Date:

Week 3


Number of words:


Submission Date:


2000 + or – 10%


Week 5, 31 May, 2019 (Group report, individual reflection, peer evaluation and video)

Weighting:          50%


Aims:     Identify, analyse and apply marketing activities in relation to internal and external environmental factors and demonstrate understanding of ethics and bi-cultural partnerships in New Zealand.


Brief:     This assignment focuses on applying knowledge of the theory and practice of marketing to support operational effectiveness and efficiency in an organisation- Ngai Tahu by analysing the internal and external environment. It requires students to conduct research to contribute to the effective and efficient performance of a Ngai Tahu Tourism Business.


Submission Format:       The submission will be in the form of a group report, video and written reflection. A final soft copy of the assessment must be submitted via Turnitin on NZSE-Moodle online by the due date.


Referencing:             Required as per APA 6th edition referencing style

Sample referencing:


Northouse, P.G. (2015). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


Standard of English for Level 5 Business Assessments


•             All student work that is submitted for assessment must meet the English requirements for Level 5 business writing.

•             Any submitted assessment or part of an assessment that falls below the acceptable standard of the English requirements for Level 5 business writing will not be marked.

•             If you have any questions regarding the English requirements for Level 5 business writing, please talk to your tutor.




•             You must correctly reference all submitted assessments according to APA 6th ed. conventions for both in-text citations and in your reference list.

•             You are required to reference because it is important to acknowledge the original source of other people’s ideas, research and opinions, as well as providing evidence of having undertaken independent research to support your own opinion/point of view/hypothesis/argument.

•             Your tutor can provide further information and guidance on referencing and also direct you to referencing guides and resources.

•             Wikipedia is not considered an acceptable source of reference.




•             Plagiarism is where you use another person’s words, ideas, diagrams or other original creations without acknowledging or giving credit to that person.

•             Any submitted assessment or part of an assessment which has plagiarised content will not be marked.

•             All cases of plagiarism and/or cheating will be investigated and dealt with according to A08: Misconduct in Assessment Policy.

•             If you have any questions regarding plagiarism, please talk to your tutor.




There is no re-sit opportunity provided. Students must get 50% from all the assessments to pass the course.


Learning Outcomes:


The learning outcomes associated with this assessment are:


LO1        Identify and apply the organizational processes involved in the planning, implementation and control of marketing activities.


LO2        Explain how marketing processes support the operational efficiency and effectiveness of an overall entity (Operations, Accounting, Sales/marketing, HR, & Risk management)


LO3        Identify and apply problem solving and decision making processes for enhanced performance of the business.


LO4        Apply and analyze ethical and legal implications, internal and external environments (including the Treaty of Waitangi) on business.




Task 1    ANALYSE THE AGRODOME AND CREATE A VIDEO              (Group)                [60 Marks]

You have been given the opportunity of working with a friend as International student marketing interns for Ngai Tahu. You have been asked to report back to shareholders of Ngai Tahu about your assessment of the Agrodome from a Marketing perspective.



•             In class you will be divided into groups

•             Your group must prepare a report (one report per group to be submitted to Moodle).

•             Your group must prepare a 5-7min Video (one video per group to be submitted by email to the lecturer).

•             Include text, video, and pictures


Written group report: Parts 1 to 3

Part 1: LO1, LO3, LO4 (Team)                                                                                                                       [14 marks]

a.            Critically analyse at least three external environmental (macro-environmental) factors that have impacted on the Agrodome.                                                                         (2 marks each, a total of 6 marks)

b.            Conduct a SWOT analysis for the Agrodome. You must include at least two factors for each element of the analysis.                                                                                                                  (2 marks each, a total of 8 marks)


Part 2: Apply the following Marketing theories to the Agrodome: LO1/LO3 (Team) [24 Marks]

a.            Market segmentation –  identify and discuss the most suitable strategies for the following:

(2 marks each, a total of 6 marks)

1.            Segmentation

2.            Target Market

3.            Positioning


b.            Marketing Mix – Identify and analyse the current marketing mix for the Agrodome covering the following in your answer.

(2            marks each, a total of 12 Marks)

1.            Products

2.            Price

3.            Promotion

4.            Place

5.            Level of Service

6.            Advertising strategies, Distribution/sales methods


c.             Treaty of Waitangi Maori bi-cultural partnership – Critically analyse whether/how the Agrodome uses Maori culture in their marketing.

(6 marks)


Part 3: Make Recommendations for Marketing for the Agrodome LO1/LO 3 (Team) [10 Marks]

1.            New Target Market – Identify a new target market

2.            New Marketing Mix – Apply a new marketing mix to this market segment



Part 4: Video LO3 (Team)                                                                                                                              (12 Marks)


Prepare a video where you summarise your analysis and make your recommendations for your new target market and marketing mix.  (All group members must appear in this video.  This video must be at least three minutes but no more than four minutes).


1.            Visual and Professional – (6 points) Video images help to successfully deliver the message through well-chosen videos, pictures that reflect the message of the video, professionally prepared sound and video, well edited transitions.

2.            Language and Impact – (6 points) Video language helps to successfully deliver the message through clear Language; well-chosen music and sounds; the points are strongly made; not too many/too few words


Task 2    (Individual)                                                                                                                         [40 Marks]


Part 1: LO 2


Identify and discuss the contribution required by the following departments for an efficient and effective implementation of the addition of a new target market proposed in Part 3.


(7.5 marks each, a total of 30 marks)

1.            Operations

2.            Accounting / Finance

3.            Sales/Marketing

4.            Human Resource Management/Risk Management



Part 2: LO 3                                                                                                                                                         (5 marks)

Peer Evaluation


You will be individually assessed on your participation in the group based on the following criteria.

a.            Quality of work                                                                                                                                 (1 mark)

b.            Responsibility                                                                                                                                   (1 mark)

c.             Interpersonal skills                                                                                                                          (1 mark)

d.            Attitude                                                                                                                                               (1 mark)

e.            Contribution                                                                                                                                      (1 mark)


Refer to the evaluation form.


General (Individual)                                                                                                                                        (5 marks)


Format, headings and subheadings, headers and footers                                                              (1 mark)

Spelling, grammar, sentence structure and appropriateness of style of writing                   (2 marks)

Reference list and in line citation is in 6th edition of APA style                                                     (2 marks)


Total Marks = 100



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