Identify and discuss management’s ethical, social, and legal responsibilities in labor/management relations

Writing Assignment Four

Using your textbook and at least two other scholarly peer-reviewed references, identify and discuss management’s ethical, social, and legal responsibilities in labor/management relations. The submission should include a title page, references list, and a minimum of at least 600 words in the body of the text.

The submission should be supported by at least three scholarly peer-reviewed references including the textbook and all three must be cited using in-text parenthetical citations.

Please follow these best practices when writing your submission.

  • All evidence, facts, and claims should be cited using parenthetical citations.
  • Please avoid the overuse of quotes or the use of long quotes, preferring instead to paraphrase fully while still using citations.
  • Please avoid the use of first person unless the assignment is reflective, this one is not.
  • Please avoid the use of colloquial language and phrases in business writing.
  • Direct quotes require page number or paragraph number citations.
  • All references from the references list must be cited in the body of the text at least once.
  • Please edit thoroughly before submission and the use of software applications such as MS Word grammar and spell check or the free version of Grammarly are recommended before submission.

All submissions will be reviewed using the Turn It In plagiarism checker automatically. As Turn It In ignores references and citations, the resulting Turn It In match % must be below 20%. Students are allowed multiple submissions beforethe due date in order to achieve this result. Failure to achieve a Turn It In match percentage below 20% may result in a point deduction by the instructor up to and including a grade of zero on the assignment.

Late assignments will not be allowed except in extraordinary circumstances and with the prior approval of the instructor.

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