Identify and define the training and development concept(s)

Analyse the scenario ‘Training and Development for WHS Advisors in the Education Department’ and respond to questions in the context of the scenario. Your answers must bring together the concepts and theories in the coursework with your observations on the information provided in the scenario. Avoid discussing concepts generally without applying them to specific facts from the scenario.
Remember the following golden rules:
Do not just describe, but analyse:

  • Identify key training and development concepts from coursework,
  • find suitable references to support your discussions, and
  • include specific examples from the scenario.

For each paragraph, make sure you:

  • Identify and define the training and development concept(s)
  • support that with a reference
  • discuss and apply that concept to specific information from the scenario, and
  • consider providing further references for additional support.

Referencing the scenario – An example:
Company x places an increasing emphasis on developing leaders who ‘can hold up under pressure’ (S) demonstrating implementation of an approach that …..

  • No page number is required for the scenario reference
  • You do not need to include full reference details of the scenario in your reference list
  • You must provide suitable and sufficient references for each point you make. As a rule of thumb, if you have written more than 250 words without a reference you have likely not provided sufficient referencing!

Scenario Training and Development for WHS Advisors in the Education Department Written by Lydia Richards and Michelle Harvey
The Education Department is responsible for supporting schools in the State to meet various educational, and other, standards. One critical area is Work Health and Safety (WHS) legal compliance. In recent years, many schools have struggled to meet some WHS obligations, resulting in catastrophic consequences for school communities as well as impacting the reputation of schools and the Department. Recent media reports sparked community and political concerns about school safety and the performance of the Education Department.

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