icrocontroller (Arduino Uno)

icrocontroller (Arduino Uno)


Problem: you are required to implement a simple system for monitoring and controlling the temperature room.


-the temperature is monitored using a 10k ohm thermistor.

-if the temperature increases to more than 22 C then run a fan (DC motor) continuously at full speed and turn ON a red LED.

-if the temperature between 20 and 22 C then run a fan (DC motor) at half the speed (PMW value =130) and turn ON a yellow LED.

-if the temperature drops below 20 C then run a fan (DC motor) low speed (PMW value =50) and turn ON a green LED.

-the temperature value in C must be displayed on the serial monitor.

-an SPDT switch is used to enable or disable temperature monitoring and control requirements.

-if the switch value is low then the fan speed should be manually controlled using a potentiometer. You must also flash all three LEDs (green,red,yellow) at a rate of 500ms.



-Select and list all the components you need for implementation.

-Arduino pins # selected for input

-Arduino pins # selected for output

-complete the circuit digram below representing your hardware. Show all input/output connection to the Arduino Uno micro-controller and the pin numbers used. Draw any component you need but not shown below.



Write program using the Arduino IDE to monitor and control room temperature based on requirements and hardware implementation in Part1


If you are using the thermistor to measure temperature then use following subroutine that calculates the thermistor temperature and return temperature value in C


double Temperature (int Rval)


double temp;



temp=temp-273.15; return temp;

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