1. Cloud computing services like Amazon’s EC2 assign users virtual machines

(VMs) instead of allocating physical machines directly. Doing so provides at least three
major benefits to Amazon. Explain what these three benefits are, giving a brief motivation for each one.
(Total 15 marks)

  1. The Web has moved beyond simple data resources to encompass services, such as electronic purchasing of goods. It has evolved without changing its basic architecture.

With the help of relevant examples, explain the two main standard technological components related to the web.
(Total 10 marks)
Distributed systems are undergoing a period of significant change and this can be traced back to a number of influential trends.

  1. With the help of relevant examples, explain the three main influential trends as related to distributed systems. (5 marks @)
  2. Using port numbers, explain how a firewall protects the IT infrastructure inside your organization? (10 marks)

Qn. 3

  1. Wireless is rapidly gaining in popularity for both home and business networking. Wireless networks utilize radio waves and/or microwaves to maintain communication channels between computers. Wireless networking is a viable alternative to wired networking and continues to improve, while the cost of wireless products continues to decrease.
  1. Give three (03) advantages and three (03) disadvantages of wireless deployments. (6 marks)
  2. Explain why Wireless networks are more susceptible to attacks than for Wired networks (4 marks)
  1. State any five considerations that can be used by organizations to group stations in a VLAN (10 marks)
  2. State any five advantages of using VLANs. (5 marks)

(Total 25 marks)

  1. In your home /school how many modern wireless communications networks are available to you? Identify the types of services, the types of technologies and the commercial names of the equipment manufacturers that offer these wireless access capabilities. (10 marks)
  1. Create a table that lists all 2G,3G,4G and 5G mobile standards. Indicate the following parameters (3 marks @)
  • RF channel BW
  • Peak data rate
  • Typical data rate
  • Responsible standard body
  • Modulation type
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