How would you describe these two life history patterns?

Each summer, the giant saguaro cacti in deserts of the American Southwest produce tens of thousands of tiny black seeds apiece. Most die, but a few land in a sheltered spot and sprout the following spring. The saguaro is a CAM plant (Section 5.5) and it grows very slowly. After 15 years, a saguaro may be only knee high, and it will not flower until it is about age 30. The cactus may survive to age 200. Saguaros share their desert habitat with annuals such as poppies, which sprout just after the seasonal rains, produce seeds, and die in just a few weeks. How would you describe these two life history patterns? How could such different life histories both be adaptive in this environment?

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write a 3750-word report outlining vehicular network security concerns.

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What incentive would you offer to encourage participation in the survey?

Why is it important to know what is happening at the state and national level in terms policy, funding, and legislation related to early childhood? 1. How do state and….

What is your belief about how families impact development and how they should be served in your center?

Consider a program that you would most like to direct, and use Radtke’s three questions to develop a mission statement. Be sure to describe the type of population that would….