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  1. Should a transnational corporation sell any product not banned by government authorities in a foreign country or should it follow ethical standards on product safety, which exceed legal requirements of exporting and importing governments?
  2. How would you advise a transnational corporation to integrate its socially responsible behavior with its corporate business strategy without hurting the bottom line?
  3. Would you advise a transnational corporation to have its social responsibility reporting done as rigorously as the financial reporting in order to win the public trust?
  4. Should transnational corporations make financial contributions to educational, social and political life of a host country?
  5. Should transnational corporations make financial contributions to political parties in their host country?

Case question(required):
Should MNCs be held morally responsible for exporting and selling products banned at home but not banned in a foreign country?

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  • Chinese Glasses: How Chinese Say “No”(video)
  • Let’s deal with China – Intercultural communication(video)

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