How does it affect the evaluation when you include the region while training the model?

In this exercise you will work with the Blues Guitarists Hand Posture and Thumbing Style by Region and Birth Period data, which you can download from OA 9.24. This dataset has 93 entries of various blues guitarists born between 1874 and 1940. Apart from the name of the guitarists, that dataset contains the following four features:

i. Regions: 1 means East, 2 means Delta, 3 means Texas

ii. Years: 0 for those born before 1906, 1 for the rest

iii. Hand postures: 1 = Extended, 2 = Stacked, 3 = Lutiform

iv. Thumb styles: between 1 and 3, 1 = Alternating, 2 = Utility, 3 = Dead Using random forest on this dataset, how accurately can you tell their birth year from their hand postures and thumb styles? How does it affect the evaluation when you include the region while training the model?

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provide responses to the below four questions to look for incidents that can significantly impact operations and company revenues.

One of the components of the ERM—Integrated Framework is “Event (or Risk) Identification,” where incidents (i.e., events or risks) could occur in the business organization and significantly affect its goals,….

summarize and present to the class the Methodology/ies assigned.

Project Management Methodology (“Methodology”)—Group Assignment and Presentation. Professor to divide the class in groups and assign Methodologies from Exhibit 7.1. Groups will go outside of the textbook (i.e., IT literature….

Describe the four data conversion methods available that may be applicable in this case.

As the internal IT auditor, you recommend that planning for the new system development should be consistent with the SDLC framework. IT personnel have identified the following as major activities….