Healthcare Planning and Evaluation/Strategic Analysis for Healthcare

Class subject: Healthcare Planning and Evaluation/Strategic Analysis for Healthcare

Topic assignment: The U.S. Veterans Affairs in Health Administration Strategic Development Plan


Write a 10 pages of content minimum on how to develop a strategic plan using the U.S. Veterans Affairs in Health Administrationas the main subject.But incorporate other valid healthcare resources as needed.

The project paper should include:

1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Corporate mission

4. The culture and the community

5. Results from competitive analysis

6. Results from broad analysis

7. Financial statement from the past 5 years

8. McKinsey 7 results or BCG analysis results (Table figure/exhibit not accepted)

9. Ansoff or TOWs results in paragraph form (Table figure/exhibit not accepted)

10. Strategic fit within the organization and community

11. Summation of strategic plan

12. Reference page with a minimum of 8 references all in APA format and no reference accepted later than year 2005- no URLs accepted alone. Plagiarism is not accepted!

All papers must be original, academic dishonesty is measured. Do not provide quotes in the papers, we are researching the organization not seeking authors verbiage. Write in third person (facts only). Unacceptable references include the book, a URL, referring to the website and not the article or information, no wiki, ehow, Mind Tools a dictionary reference, or personal referencing. Do not provide quotes in the papers, we are researching the organization not seeking authors verbiage. References count towards one half of the grade.

Note: The U.S. Veterans Affairs website reference example:

Or refer to a workbook (but not accepted as reference), “Strategic Analysis for Healthcare – Concepts and Practical Applications by: Michael Wayland & Warren MacDonald.


*I’m looking for a tutor that has top rated feedback and value QUALITY of work without any delay. I’ve had (2) consecutive assignments that I ended up revising myself. I attention to detail is important to me. I’m willing to give further details and assist if needed.

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