Glabber CISO explaining the plan and describing the attachments which is A,B,C and C.

Glabber CISO explaining the plan and describing the attachments which is A,B,C and C. preferably using Cisco packet tracer and uploading a screenshot

Glabber Games is developing the newest video game engine, called the Glabber engine. They are concerned that their intellectual property might be stolen by a rival gaming company, and they have hired you as their new Network Manager to design a secure network. They've purchased some office space (see floor plan below). Their new space is on the 2nd floor of a 4-story building. The CISO has instructed you to keep the development, marketing and management teams on separate networks.

  1. Attachment A: Logical network map including network/address assignment for routers and subnets.
  2. Attachment B: Proposed subnet configuration including DHCP range – one for each subnet
  3. Attachment C: Static address assignments
  4. Attachment D: Route tables – one for each router
  1. Glabber personnel have toured the new space and made some initial plans for office assignments. You may recommend changes to these initial assignments.
    • Management team: 201-207
    • Conference Rm1 – 210
    • Conference Rm 2- 230
    • Development 220 -235
    • Development Work Room: 231
    • Marketing: 211 – 214
    • Server room – 209
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