give you a broad overview of the main issues involved in assessing your cultural perspective and those of others in a working environment.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to give you a broad overview of the main issues involved in assessing your cultural perspective and those of others in a working environment. This assignment will also help you to reflect on the cultural behaviour of a culture. It can also help you to understand the issues involved in organisational culture and inter-organisational cross-cultural interactions in a real-time situation by applying your knowledge to a real business situation. Draw on the textbook for background and theory; however, you are expected to draw on academic literature and list them as academic references at the end of your Assignment. Product: It is an Individual assessment consisting of a reflective journal of 1200 words. Weight: 30% of the course mark. Format: This is an individual assessment in the journal format. You are to submit via SafeAssign by 5:00 pm on Tuesday of week 8. Additional guidance will be provided on Blackboard. Use the following structure for the reflective journal Step 1: Start with a brief introduction and reflection on the case. What were the core issues, players, and factors involved? This is short and just an overview. It should be approximately 100 words in length. Step 2: Analyse and critically reflect on the following. Please reflect on one at a time. Each of these will be approximately 320 words in length. • Activity Week 5 Watch the video by Chris Smit | TEDxLeuven (14:42 minutes) on humor and culture in international business. Write your reflections down. • Activity Week 6 Visit the following site also click on the ABS Population clock2. Explain how these statistics can be useful to international businesses wanting to expand their operations internationally. How will these statistics assist managers in their decision-making? • Activity Week 7 Watch the video Global business speaks English by Tsedal Neeley (May 2012). Link : .The video is 6:03 min. Reflect on this and answer the following questions. What language(s) does your culture speak? Reflecting on any culture that you choose outside of your own, investigate what language(s) they speak. Do the other chosen culture embrace or reject English as a common language. Why do you think so, provide some examples? Provide some arguments for the use of English as a common global business language. You must respond to the three activities and then write a reflection and analysis of each of these. Some of the questions that you consider to help you start the reflection include: What do you think really went wrong? What’s your opinion, your analysis, your individual take on the event(s) that took place? What theories or concepts were/are most critical? What are the shortcomings of such theories or concepts? Please be creative in your analysis. Step 3: Write a concluding statement where you include a possible strategy that the company (or a company in that country) can use. The conclusion will be approximately 140 words in length. Step 4: Include the full reference list in the Harvard or APA referencing style. The Reference list will not count towards the word count. For guidance on how to use Harvard or APA as referencing style, please go to Criteria: • Understanding of your own cultural perspective • Knowledge of key relevant cross-cultural concepts covered in the course • Identification of the key factors influencing intercultural business • Explanation of significant influential factors on cultural values • Identification of the cultural implications for intercultural business interactions • Written communication skills

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