Generate a pair of random numbers to use as the x and y coordinates.

Estimation of 7c. The equation of a circle is x2 + y2 = r2. Evaluate x by determining the area of a circle of radius r circumscribed by a square of side 2r. x is the ratio of the area of the circle to that of the square. Generate a pair of random numbers to use as the x and y coordinates. If the distance of the point from the origin is less than or equal to r, it is within the circle. Repeat this N times, evaluating Nc;, the number of points that fall within the circle. The ratio Nc /N should be a reasonable estimate of 7r.

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At what point must the rights of the individual be protected against the power of the state, and when must they bow to the enduring value of respected tradition?

In the Sudan, an eight-year-old girl is given by her family to a priest in a neighboring village. She is told to serve him and obey all his wishes. Someone….

based on economic system and lifestyle, but where do we stop? And, if there is no place to stop, what remains?

African philosopher Kwasi Wiredu claims that throwing the colonizing power out of your country is much easier than throwing the colonizer out of your mind. The real damage to indigenous….

Can you imagine one craftsperson capable of making all these things?

Let’s consider why dramatic poetry must be banished from our republic. We must begin with the notion of imitation or representation. A carpenter who wishes to make a bed or….