‘Game the Work’ is the latest venture of Sofia Bustamante and Mamading Ceesay, co-founders of the award-winning social enterprise London Creative Labs.

‘Game the Work’ is the latest venture of Sofia Bustamante and Mamading Ceesay, co-founders of the award-winning social enterprise London Creative Labs. Game the Work is a London- based consultancy, which focuses on harnessing the power of play and serious games to address challenges in the workplace and indeed in life too. It combines insights from positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and design thinking. As Jonas Ferreira says: ‘The game is just a game, but the skills are real’.

Game the Work is based upon the fundamental principles that innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship and cultural change can be successfully and sustainably addressed by the application of games. Empirical research and more anecdotal studies have repeatedly shown that play engages the human brain in powerful and compelling ways. Accordingly, games are used by Game the Work to guide individual thinking, enable group brainstorming and even identify potential solutions and strategies. Tools, techniques and structures are explained and implemented as participants are guided in timely processes.

Game the Work is in the process of rolling out a web and mobile-based platform for individuals and organisations. Within both the personal and the corporate games, the aim is to identify beliefs and behaviours while participants learn and unravel productive new habits and behaviours. Additional services such as coaching, workshops and change programmes are offered to support both individuals and organisations. The workshops and change programmes can also be tailor-made in line with the needs of an organisation.

The team behind Game the Work aims to offer deep and personalised support to individuals who are committed to personal development. In addition to transformational life coaching and career coaching, a range of workshops is offered within their ‘Raising your game’ portfolio. These include:

· Conversations that matter

· Transforming negative habits into positive habits

· Freedom from addiction

· Living with purpose, choice and mindfulness

· Truly taking care of yourself

· Changing your life’s story

· Becoming your brilliant self

· Embracing the quiet power of being an introvert

· Burnout, recovery and creating a better life.


Game the Work is currently offering an interactive experience called ‘Evolution Lounge’. Evolution Lounge is an experience run in busy spaces such as King’s Cross station in Central London where a group shares an inner and outer journey that reveals insights and answers to questions that matter to them. As such, personal enquiry and self-led observation complement gentle actions such as walking and breathing .During the Evolution Lounge session, participants are encouraged to harness the chaos that may surround them instead of avoiding it. Each participant selects a question that is pertinent to him or her. The question can be about life in general,workorrelationships.Duringtheevent,participantsworkontheirownquestion aswell as offer insights and support to each other in small groups allocated at the beginning of each session. No previous coaching or leadership experience is needed by any of the participants. However each group includes a team leader from GametheWork. Evolution Lounge is offered to individuals but can also be booked by an organisation for its employees or members only. The latter has been particularly useful in enhancing bonding among team members. Extended versions of Evolution Lounge are also offered to organisations. These can be aligned to their corporate event’s objectives. So far, Evolution Lounge has been enjoyed in UK and in Germany.

‘Evolution Lounge’ can be booked online athttp://www.gamethework.com/evolution-lounge/at present. Meanwhile as the consultancy progresses, its websitehttp://www.gamethework.comis also undergoing changes to reflect these developments. Programmes are offered to individuals and organisations both in UK and internationally. Some have successfully taken place in Germany.

Although online platforms are key to its operations, it is the people within Game the Work that are at the core of the consultancy. As such, the expertise and continuous professional development of the team leaders as well as of the entire team is a commitment, which all within the organisation embrace.

question 1: how can Game the Work attempt to keep its existing long-term members motivated to embrace new developments?

question 2 : how do I set upSales/Business objectives (SMART) for this ?

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