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For the SMF shown, design the beam-to-column connections for the first story beam using only the following types of connections prequalified per AISC 358.

(a) WUFW connections

(b) Welded flange plate (WFP) connections

(c) Reduced beam section (RBS) connections

(d) Bolted stiffened end plate (BSEP) connections

(e) Bolted flange plate (BFP) connections (f) Bolted bracket (BB) connections (g) Free flange (FF) connections (using FEMA 350 connections details in this case) Assume that, at the story under consideration, the beam is W30 × 173, and the columns are W14 × 311. All loads are shown below.

Assume ASTM A992 Gr. 50 steel for beams and columns. Check that the design satisfies the strong-column/weak-beam requirements, as well as all other applicable detailing requirements. If one or many limits of applicability are found to be violated for a specific connection type, just highlight the violations and continue calculations as if the connection was permitted.

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