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For the following conditionals, find a conditional of the “If, then” form that means the very same thing.

a. Jones will go to work only if Jones gets paid today.

b. I would have retired if someone had asked me to.

c. The economy will rebound only if taxes are cut.

d. The economy will not rebound unless taxes are cut.

e. The economy will not rebound if taxes are not cut.

f. The movie will not be entertaining unless it is a musical.

g. The movie will be entertaining unless it is a musical.

h. The grass will not grow unless you water it.

i. To make grass grow you need to water it.

j. Eating lots of vegetables is essential to a healthy diet.

k. To be good at critical thinking you need to trust but verify.

l. The burger is adequately cooked when its internal temperature is 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the following arguments, identify the premises and conclusion. Rewrite any conditionals in an “If, then” form that means the same thing. If a conditional premise is implicit (or missing) insert it.

a. If someone had asked to resign, I would have. But no one ever asked me to, so that is why I did not.

b. If I had gone to the party, Jones would have seen me. If he had seen me, he would have been pretty angry. So I did not go.

c. The grass is growing very well. I guess that someone watered it.

d. If humans were alive when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, there would be evidence of this in the fossil record. But there is no such evidence. So I think humans were not alive then.

e. Success requires hard work, and I am working hard; so I will succeed.

f. The recipe says that the cake is done when it starts to pull away from the sides of the pan, and this is exactly what is happening; so the cake is done.

g. The chain on my bike is very rusty; so it is about to break.

h. Vitamin C helps to avoid colds, and Emily is very sick; so she has not been taking Vitamin C.

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