Explain the role of values in managerial making

For your Course Project, you will be exploring contemporary issues in Management.

The purpose of your Course Project is to demonstrate your understanding, comprehension, and mastery of the following concepts:

· Identify and recognize ethical issues in business.

· Explain the role of values in managerial making

· Use Management terminology

Throughout this semester you will be acquiring knowledge on Management topics, theories, as well as terminology. You will apply this new knowledge to your Course Project. Beginning with Week 2, it is suggested that first, you will identify a current Management topic. You can choose your topic from the options listed below, or you may choose a current topic that interests you.

Once you have chosen your topic, you will then choose ten (10) current readings/articles that are directly related to your topic from a credible source. Suggestions for sources are listed below as well. Every week it is suggested that you review one of your ten (10) articles and write a 500-word synopsis summarizing the reading and describing how it applies in a practical, professional context to Management.

At the completion of Week 12, you will have accumulated ten (10) article summaries. You will then assemble your ten (10) completed written summaries, a cover page, a table of contents, and an APA formatted References page, including a link to each article, in a professional portfolio to submit for grading during Week 13.

Ideas of topics include:

Whistleblowing Corruption Advertising/Marketing

Social Responsibility Product Liability Equal Employment Opportunity

Ideas for sources include:

· Journals

· Newspapers

· Magazines (Newsweek, Business Week, Time)

· Internet


Final Course Project – Will be submitted in a professional portfolio and turned in by the end of Week 13 in the following required format:

1. Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Ten (10) Finalized Written 500-word Summaries

4. Properly formatted APA References page including link to article

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