Explain the evidence to the reader.d. Close read quotationse. Connect to the claim in the beginning of the paragraph.

Art of FictionProf. MillenSpring 2019Reader Response # 8Passage: “The street door of the apartment house was unlocked; there were no bells in theouter vestibule, and no lists of names. The stairs were narrow and dirty; there were twodoors on the top floor. The front one was the right one; there was a crumpled florist’s paperon the floor outside the door, and a knotted paper ribbon, like a clue, like the final clue inthe paper-chase.She knocked, and though she heard voices inside, and she thought, suddenly , withterror, What shall I say if Jamie is there, if he comes to the door? The voices suddenlyseemed still. She knocked again and there was silence, except for something that might havebeen laughter far away. He could have seen me from the window, she thought, it’s the frontapartment and that little boy made a dreadful noise. She waited, and knocked again, but therewas silence.Finally, she went to the other door on the floor, and knocked. The door swung openbeneath her hand and she saw the empty attic room, bare lath on the walls, floorboardsunpainted. She stepped just inside, looking around; the room was filled with bags of plaster,piles of old newspapers, a broken trunk. There was a noise which she suddenly realized as arat, and then she saw it, sitting very close to her, near the wall, its evil face alert, bright eyeswatching her” (Jackson 27).Directions: Using only the passage above, answer ALL of the following questions in incompleted paragraphs.1. Define imagery: both sound and sight. Find the moments of both sound and sightimagery in the passage, quote, and explain them to the reader.2. The repetition of knocking is present throughout the passage. What literary device(aside from sound imagery) is the recurrence of knocking? Define the literary deviceand why is the repetition of knocking significant in the passage/3. What type of narration is being used in this passage? Define the narrative techniquebeing used. What does this narration suggest about the narrator4. Define mood AND tone. What is the mood of the passage? What is the tone of thepassage? And why?5. Define THEME. What is the theme of the passage and why?6. Write a paragraph that:a. Makes a claim about the passage specifically how mood and tone demonstratethe theme.b. Introduce evidence from the passagec. Explain the evidence to the reader.d. Close read quotationse. Connect to the claim in the beginning of the paragraph.




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