Explain the business problem that the blockchain solution is solving.

Your tutor will select a blockchain system for you during your tutorial in week
Research the blockchain solution selected for you to answer the specific questions
outlined below:
a) Briefly explain the context of the business in which Blockchain has been
b) Explain the business problem that the blockchain solution is solving.
c) How does the blockchain solution (application) work? Identify the
components of Blockchain you learned in week 2 in this use case.
d) What are the benefits of using the specific blockchain solution (for the
industry and the organisation)?
e) What are the limitations of using the specific blockchain solution (including
legal and ethical limitations)?
You may use a variety of resources including (but not limited to) business websites,
library databases, videos, and white papers to research about this use case.
Report Requirements
1. Write a report that addresses the areas outlined above. The report should not
exceed 1,500 words. This excludes the reference list, title page, table of contents and
appendices – if applicable. The report should be prepared in a word processing
software such as Microsoft Word. The report should have appropriate headings and
subheadings (including a cover page, an executive summary, an introduction and

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