Explain how an unethical organisational culture can develop over time using an appropriate motivation theory.

Task One (Maximum 150 words)

Explain why money may be more important as a motivator in some job situations than others using one motivation theory .

Task Two (Maximum 150 words)

During the semester a number of examples were given of unethical behaviour in organisations. Explain how an unethical organisational culture can develop over time using an appropriate motivation theory.

1.Task Three (SWOT): Background Information

Leonard Rossi has been running a farm near Gingin on Perth’s urban fringe for some time. There he grows a variety of fruit and vegetables for the Perth market which is sold under the well regarded brand of GardenG. Their main buyer is the IGA store chain which is an independent chain of supermarkets that compete with Coles and Woolworths. In 2016 competition heated up among retail buyers as Aldi became established and started taking market share. This led to a general feeling among growers that the changing circumstances in the retail sector may help improve prices for smaller growers like GardenG. With a location close to Perth, Leonard felt he was well positioned to undercut some of the competitors from the eastern states.

Unfortunately for Leonard other things were changing rapidly. Huge growing cooperatives had emerged and some of these large eastern states growers were resorting to ethically questionable tactics to compete. Huge scandals had been exposed by ABC journalists in which large growers had been exploiting temporary visa holders. Stories about pay rates as low as $2.50 an hour were aired and in extreme cases, these foreign workers were even sexually harassed. Yet no one was sent to jail and in most cases, government agencies simply let offending organisations off with a warning and “education.” Little wonder investigations by the Migrant Worker Justice Initiative (2018) revealed fewer than one in ten temporary visa holders chose to take action.

Leonard was angry about these rivals undercutting his prices and considered a change to his approach to workforce recruitment. He was recently approached by a business in which he was offered an attractive package where he paid them to recruit, pay and manage workers that were mainly international students and backpackers. It was tempting so he began to consider whether he should implement this approach.

By early March 2020, it was clear the world would be changing drastically. The government would need to shut down sectors of the economy to prevent the spread of COVID19 and he worried about what it meant for his business and the new approach for farm operations.

Keep points clear but under 10 words each wherever possible

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