Execution, Monitoring, and Controlling

Execution, Monitoring, and Controlling

Assignment Overview:

For this assignment, you will be assessing a proposed change to the scope of the project, proposing an overview of a change management process, drafting a change request form, and discussing how the change will be communicated to the stakeholders inclusive of the sponsor.

Assignment Instructions:

  • You are the Project Manager for a large cross functional project team.
  • The project you are leading is in its third month of a scheduled nine-month project.
  • To date, you have been reporting to your sponsor, who is a VP hoping to become the CEO, and other key stakeholders that all metrics are positive. You have been reporting that you are under budget, ahead of schedule, and have announced that you will be finished with the project ahead of schedule.
  • Today, you have learned that a major subcontractor on the project has not been entering their time weekly, nor have they invoiced your company for the first 12 weeks of work they have performed, due to turnover in their Billing Department.
  • Once your business manager inputs the updated information you realize that:
  • Your Cost Performance Index is .80
  • Your Schedule Performance Index is 1.5
  • Your EAC is estimated to be 35% over budget
  • Worse yet, you have just been told that your QA Lead has not been following the testing plan as you had assumed and your first round of UAT has failed 100% of the test scripts. This is causing you to question your SPI metric.

Your challenge:

Based upon your knowledge of stakeholder analysis, communication protocols, monitoring, scope, etc., what are three critical steps that you propose be taken immediately. Assume the sponsor does not know of the issues.

  • Paper is 2 pages in length
  • Include a title page and reference listing, but do not count your title page and reference listing as part of the 2 pages of content we are expecting.
  • Paper format complies with APA 6 guidelines



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