Every 3 years, Swinburne University reviews its fleet car contract.

Every 3 years, Swinburne University reviews its fleet car contract. This year, Swinburne is considering changing its 20 fleet cars from Holden Astras (RRP $22,000) to Toyota Prius (Hybrid) (RRP $38,000). Fleet cars are primarily used to travel between Swinburne campuses (Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna).

You have been given the task of evaluating which car Swinburne should have in their fleet. As part of your research, you enlisted the help of the Faculty of Science to run a series of valuable tests, which indicated that per/kilometre, Astras cost $0.75 to run, versus the Prius $0.25.

Based on what you believe is the better car for Swinburne, prepare a report for the Vice-Chancellor. Don’t have to provide calculations.

Follow the “Business Report” structure in the text (pg 318). List the report headings and what you would include under each heading. Or you can Google a business report structure.

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