Evaluation of two proposed patient treatment therapies/approaches

This assignment involves the evaluation of two proposed patient treatment therapies/approaches and a decision by you or your group as to which treatment option you would select to fund and implement in a healthcare organisation. You need to select one treatment opportunity that you recommend to be supported; justify your selection, and make a strong and effective presentation explaining how and why you have made your selection.

Objective: You will need to analyse the situation and recommend and justify the appropriate evaluation in making the decision.

Due Date: Submit both your presentation and 1-page summary

Format: PowerPoint presentation;. In addition to your presentation, you also submit a Presentation Summary – a short succinct summary of your work (at least 2 page) is required.

Presentation Length: The presentation length and complexity etc should be such that it would take a person reviewing/watching your presentation 15-20 minutes to complete their review of your presentation.

Marks: The assignment will be marked out of 100. This assessment work counts towards 45% of the total course mark. Consult the marking rubric (on this page) to ensure you focus your assignment response accordingly.

You can only choose one therapy/treatment proposal to support and you must choose your preferred option from the two proposals that are presented for your consideration.

The Task: The task in this assignment is to research, develop understanding, and report on the topic question relating to techniques of evaluation in the management of health services. The relatively short presentation period for this completed work does not reflect a simple or superficial treatment of the question – on the contrary, extra marks are awarded to groups or individuals who show depth, rigour, and thoughtfulness with regard to the scenario problem</pclass=”msonormal”>

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