Evaluate the given interface design of the given Android Parking App below by using the Jakob Nielsen heuristics

. True or False. Write True if the statement is True otherwise write False. (1pt.each


1. As the high-level design of the system progresses, task analysis is no longer

required. (Answer- True)

2. Task sequences obtained from a task decomposition can be used when

designing the system’s dialog. (Answer- True)

3. Standard software engineering formalisms can be used to specify an interactive

system. (Answer- True)

4. Formal specifications can be checked for internal consistency. (Answer- True)

5. A specification can be checked for external consistency with respect to

requirement. (Answer- True)

6. Model-oriented notations were developed to provide software engineers with the

ability to describe and reason about software components using precisely

defined interface constructs, which mirror the kinds of constructs used in real

programming languages. (Answer- True)

7. The distinction between status and event is between being and doing. (Answer-True)

8. The strength of the method is that a single descriptive framework can be applied

at a range of levels from the application, through the interface, to the user’s

perception. (Answer-True)

9. Ubiquitous computing technology includes pen-based technology, handheld or

portable devices, large-scale interactive screens, wireless networking

infrastructure, and voice or vision technology. (Answer-True)

10. Virtual reality represents the state of the art in multimedia systems, but

concentrates on the hearing senses. (Answer- True)


II. Discussion. Answer the questions briefly and concisely. (5 pts. Each)

1. What factors are likely to delay the widespread use of video in interfaces? What applications could benefit most from its use?

§ (Answer: “Some of the factors are the costs in terms of hardware and software for compression and decompression; theslow speed due to the high bandwidth; the overall cost of equipment (for example, camera, video, CD); the lack of design tools to exploit video; the lack of specialist skills amongst designers”.)

2. Data visualization techniques have often increased our comprehension of

phenomena: consider the effect that 3D graphics has had on looking at

complex models such as those of the atmosphere or the ocean, or in

understanding the structure of molecules. What do you consider to be the

areas that may benefit most from virtual reality visualization techniques?

§ (Answer:“This exercise could be expanded to allow students to carry out a brief literature review on the applications of virtual reality techniques. In general they are most promising in areas that cannot be explored in reality, either because it is physically impossible (such as in the manipulation of molecules discussed in Section 15.10.1) or physically dangerous, as in space. Models can be physically manipulated and interacted with using virtual reality methods rather than simply observed. Chemical and medical research, meteorology, oceanography, seismology are all areas that could benefit from such techniques.”)

3. Using a graphics package such as Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia

Fireworks save different types of images (photographs, line drawings, text)

in different formats (GIF, JPEG, PNG). Create a table comparing the file

sizes of the different formats, experimenting with different compression

ratios (where applicable), numbers of colors, etc.

III. Evaluate the given interface design of the given Android Parking App below by

using the Jakob Nielsen heuristics. (25pts)

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