Evaluate the following theories using the TEST formula.

Evaluate the following theories using the TEST formula. As part of your evaluation:

a. State the claim to be evaluated.

b. Indicate what phenomenon is being explained.

c. Specify at least one alternative theory.

d. Use the criteria of adequacy to assess the two theories and determine which one is more plausible.

e. Write a paragraph detailing your reasons for your choice. Use your background knowledge to fill in any information about the theories and how well they do regarding each criterion.

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What is the phenomenon being explained?

Anaïs said farewell to her favorite uncle as he boarded a plane for Paris. That night she dreamed that he was flying in a jetliner that suddenly ran into a powerful….

Is“Creation science” controversial because mainstream scientists hate it.

There is no peace in the Middle East—and there never will be—due to the stubbornness of both sides in the conflict. 1. “Creation science” is controversial because mainstream scientists hate….

what’s the deadly illness striking everyone in this small town

Phenomenon: A deadly illness striking everyone in a small town. Theories: (1) Resurgence of smallpox, (2) poison in the drinking water, (3) a failure to think positively. 2. Phenomenon: A….