ethical issues in forensic accounting

Students are required to prepare a video (12 – 15 minutes) on ethical issues in forensic accounting. The ethical scenario should be chosen from topic in forensic accounting. The video should include:

1. Description of the issue(s) (issues that you have experienced or read)

2. A priori assumptions before the experience / before you read about the issue(s)

3. Changes in perceptions, abilities, belief, or skills that are result of the experience / reading (i.e. what you have learned from the experience?)

4. The application of what you have learned to future decisions or actions

5. Apply an ethical theory to your action and state how you would make the decision differently today after studying ethical theories, ethical framework, or/and Code of Professional Conduct and to apply the theory which is more appropriate, which may or may not have been the way you acted initially.

6. It should be in news documentary format.

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